AR500 3/8
AR500 3/8' Steel Target Range Package Free Shipping

AR500 3/8" Steel Target Range Package Free Shipping

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  • Whats Included:
  • Silhouette Gong Two Third Size (66%) 12"x20", 3/8" Thick AR500 
  • 973-TargetStand Angle TopMount Bracket 2x4 -Commercial grade zinc plated steel static mount for steel shooting targets at safe 20 degree angle. Kit comes with all Grade 8 mounting hardware and compression spring. Mounts to standard 2x4 lumber (not included).

  • 991-TargetStand Center Mass 2x4 -Commercial grade, zinc plated steel shooting "center mass" target stand. Adjustable to 24" wide base for any type of target, stainless steel set screws. Uses a single vertical 2x4 and two 2x4s for the base (not included).