Range Day Package – Ultimate Precision & Safety Kit
Range Day Package – Ultimate Precision & Safety Kit

Range Day Package – Ultimate Precision & Safety Kit

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Range Day Package – Ultimate Precision & Safety Kit

Gear up for an exceptional shooting experience with our premium Range Day Package, meticulously assembled for both novice and seasoned shooters. This all-inclusive set provides you with the essentials for a safe, engaging, and precise day at the range. Each item in this package has been chosen for its quality and performance, ensuring you get the most out of your training sessions.

1/2" AR550 Silhouette with Hostage Center Hang Mount and Ballistic Post: Crafted from high-grade 1/2" AR550 steel, this silhouette target is built to withstand the toughest rounds. Featuring a reactive hostage center, it offers dynamic shooting practice, allowing you to hone both precision and decision-making skills under pressure. The durable ballistic post and sturdy all-in-one combo stand provide a stable and reliable setup that’s easy to assemble and adjust.

Range Med Kit: Safety is paramount, which is why our Range Day Package includes a comprehensive medical kit. This kit is equipped with essential first-aid supplies tailored for any outdoor activity. Compact and portable, it ensures that you’re always prepared, providing peace of mind so you can focus on your training.

Vortex Optics Banshee Sunglasses: Protect your eyes and enhance your vision with the Vortex Optics Banshee Sunglasses. Designed specifically for shooters, these sunglasses offer superior clarity and protection. The polarized lenses reduce glare and provide 100% UV protection, while the lightweight, durable frame ensures comfort and reliability throughout extended wear.

Package Features:

  • Durability: Targets made from premium AR550 steel to endure repeated use.
  • Safety: Equipped with a range-specific medical kit for immediate response.
  • Visibility: Advanced optics for clear vision and protection in all lighting conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various shooting disciplines and skill levels.

Whether you’re improving your marksmanship or enjoying a day out at the range, our Range Day Package is your go-to choice for a seamless and secure shooting experience. Invest in quality and safety—order yours today and elevate your shooting to the next level!

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